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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Dental Veneers

06 Jan 2021

Dental veneers have been in use for many years now, and are still very much a recommended treatment for many dental issues. In this blog post, you will get detailed answers to some of the FAQ about dental veneers treatment.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are produced with either ceramic or composite resin. They are skinny layers which are placed on the surface of the natural tooth. After the treatment, they look just like the natural tooth since they are customised to fit the tooth entirely.

Veneers can be used to treat quite a number of dental problems, including whitening, straightening, or covering pits or chips in the teeth. They are also used to give the tooth a different shape and size to make it look brighter. This is the reason it is a common one why veneers are used. Your dentist will discuss the best shape of veneers with you before the treatment so that you can achieve your expected shape at the end.

Depending on the current shape, size, and clinical situation of your natural tooth, it may need to be trimmed down so that they can take the new veneers. However, this procedure is not always necessary.

After the treatment, the veneers will look very much natural. However, you are obligated to keep healthy oral hygiene if you want the veneers to last as long as they are supposed.

Do veneers enlarge the look of the teeth?

Veneers do not always make the teeth look more prominent. However, there are situations where dentists use them on smaller teeth to make the teeth appear bigger. This is only used when these teeth are too small, and it is essential to make them big.

The teeth with veneers can also look more significant if they are used to fill gaps between them. However, your dentist will consider this when diagnosing your condition so that you will not be surprised at the end product.

When veneers are used to change the colour, shape, or position of the tooth, and it is perceived that the teeth will look bigger after the treatment, the dentist may trim out a little amount of your teeth. This reduced size of the teeth will make it easy for him to rebuild them and make them more aligned, positioned, or whitened without being more prominent.

Can veneers be useful for closing teeth gap?

The veneers used may be instant veneers or the one manufactured by your dental technician. Instant veneers are ready-made and just get placed on your teeth by the dentist.

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Which should I choose: veneers or dental bonding?

Dental bonding is perceived to be less permanent compared to dental veneers. If the bonding you are using is additive only, that means that the bonding was just added to the surface of your natural tooth, and no part of the tooth was removed. Here, you can remove the composite bonding. However, it is not advisable to depend on this type of treatment, and before going in for it, ensure you enquire about veneers and other more durable restoration.

Bonding has immediate results. While in the in-chair option, your dentist will apply the bonding composite to your teeth and boom! You are done. The effect can be the correction of the shape and colour of your tooth. This is unlike ceramic veneers which may need you to wait for two weeks for the dental technician to complete the production.

Ceramic veneers, on the other hand, are more durable than the composite bonding; they are worth the wait. Unlike composite bonding, they do not stain easily.

Can I use veneers for my healthy teeth?

Good dentists never stop drumming into the ears of their patients the need to maintain the natural teeth in their most healthy state where no extras are needed. However, people who know this strive to balance this guiding principle with the need to have a smile you are confident about. Most of the time, this perfect smile is not a commodity we achieve at birth.

The first option that will be employed by your dentist will be those that will provide the best result without damaging your teeth at all. If there is a need for extensive treatments like dark or misaligned teeth, then your dentist may have to trim down your teeth to accept the new veneers.

Is it possible to remove veneers from my teeth?

It is possible to remove veneers. However, the procedure is usually challenging and time-consuming. But that is not the issue. Patients need to ask themselves “what will be the replacement for these veneers?”

Removing the veneers can only be a sensible solution when the surface of the natural teeth was not removed. But if the dentist had trimmed or removed the natural layer of the teeth (enamel), then removing the veneers will not be possible as the teeth will need new coverings for their surfaces.

How do I clear of ugly yellow teeth?

When it comes to making yellow teeth whiter, the following options are available:

  • Teeth whitening: tooth whitening is a reliable solution for cleaning off yellow teeth. It can be carried out on a single tooth (if that is the only yellow one) or on the entire teeth.
  • Dental bonding: every tooth may not brighten up with teeth whitening. So, additional treatments like bonding are needed. These bonding will be done with a brighter coloured material and placed on the surface of the teeth to cover the yellow tooth beneath.
  • Dental veneers: this option is only employed for too dark yellow teeth, and when they are the only option. Here, the veneers will be prepared with a little opacity and applied on the teeth to cover the yellow teeth beneath.

What is the cost of getting veneers?

The costs of getting dental veneers vary but they are generally dependent on:

  • The type of veneers
  • The expertise and experience of the dentist

Dentists spend many years undergoing various training before becoming cosmetic dentists. This training ensures they learn the Nitty-gritty of providing dental veneers that will stand the test of time. Also, you need to remember that you will be using your dental veneers always, so they are worth quality investment.

A lot of people will happily throw around thousands of pounds to get a new car that will devalue and last for just a few years. Dental veneers offer more value and will last for a more extended period. Getting an investment that will serve you for up to 20 years is not so bad seeing that it is not even as expensive as getting a new car.

You can get porcelain veneers for about £850 for each tooth. The composite bonding is available from £250 for each tooth. If you are targeting the six front teeth, then you should budget more than £5,000 for veneers. These like you know is more affordable and long-lasting than a car.

You can get interest-free finance or those bearing interest from other practices. For this kind, it could cost over £107.11 per month for more than 60 months. Here is the breakdown:

Cash price of goods/amount of credit £5100 with a monthly payment of £107.11 each month. The repayable amount is £6426.57. Representative 9.9% APR variable.

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