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Have you lost some or all of your teeth, or are you afraid of losing them soon because of your condition? Visit our clinic in London, to get your case treated, and your dentures arranged for you now. You can book an appointment with us.

Dentures are used by people who have lost some or all of their teeth to enable them to live a normal life (enjoy healthy meals, speak and smile like every other person). They are usually made from acrylic (plastic) and metals.

They are of two types: the partial and complete dentures. The partial dentures are used to fill in the spaces left by some lost teeth. They usually have some metal clasp called “precision attachments” which are used to fasten them to the already existing teeth.  The complete dentures are used by people who have no teeth in either their lower or upper jaw.

Why Should Dentures Be Recommended For Me?

Dentures may be recommended for you if you have lost some or all of your teeth (whether on the upper or lower jaw). Full dentures may be recommended to replace all the natural teeth, and they are designed to be fitted snugly over the gums. They can help you speak clearly and eat comfortably so that your self-confidence can still be intact.

Partial dentures may be recommended if you have lost a few teeth. They will be attached to your remaining teeth with the precision attachments provided. However, if you are a person with gaps in between your teeth, your teeth may move up to take the place of some of the spaces, and this may cause you to have tilted or crooked teeth which may damage your other teeth by affecting the way you bite.

You should not go through that shame of having to go around without teeth. You can visit our dentist and get yourself these dentures so that you can live the life you are now dreaming of. Visiting our clinic in London will be a good idea, book an appointment now or call 020 71830755 if you need more information.

How Soon Can I Start Using Dentures After My Teeth Have Been Removed?

Some dentures are designed to be worn immediately after your teeth have been taken out. These dentures are called the ‘immediate dentures’. To use these dentures, you will have to pay a visit to our dentists in London to have them take some measurements and impression of your mouth to that they can be prepared earlier for you.

Immediate dentures help you have some teeth before your gums get completely healed. In some cases, the gums may start to shrink during the first six months after your teeth have been removed.

This will make your immediate dentures to become ill-fitting, and with this, you will need to visit your dentist for it to be relined and adjusted to fit again. You will be enlightened more about this by our dental team.

However, you may be advised by our dental team to wait until your gums are completely healed before going for dentures. This will help you have dentures which will fit better compared to the immediate dentures. The gums usually take some months to be perfectly healed. This choice will be dependent on your condition and the dental clinic you visit.

Who Will Produce And Get My Dentures Fitted?

Dentures are usually produced by a dental technician. All your dentist has to do is to take the measurements and impressions of your mouth and send them to a dental technician for production.

You can get your new dentures from our dental clinic in London. Book an appointment now or call 020 71830755 for more information.

Will My Looks Be Changed Because Of The Dentures?

The teeth act as a support to the face, and they help your cheeks and lips to be well aligned. Being without them will make your facial muscles sag, and this will give you an older look. Without teeth, even speaking will be a problem.

Getting the lost teeth replaced by dentures is very good and needful for your appearance and health. Since they are closely designed like the natural teeth, they will play the same role of the teeth and make your face look just like it did when you had teeth and sometimes, better than that.

With modern dentures, your smile will be enhanced, and the appearance of your face will be filled out.

Is Eating Possible With Dentures?

Of course, eating is possible with dentures though you will need to practise a little bit. You will need to start by eating only small pieces of food at a time and take chewing easy. You will also have to be sure you chew on both sides of your mouth at the same time so that your dentures will not move out of place.

When you get more used to your dentures, you will be able to eat other types of food until you can eat everything you did while you had your natural teeth.

Do Dentures Affect Speech?

To speak fluently with dentures, you will have to learn. You may have to loudly read and repeat the words you find difficult so that you can get used to them again.

If your dentures happen to fall out of place when you cough, smile or laugh, you can put them back in place by slowly taking a bite and then swallowing. If this becomes a frequent occurrence, complain to your dentist.

How Long Can Dentures Be Worn?

You will be advised by your dental team to wear your dentures for most of the time (even when you are sleeping), especially during the first few days of getting them. When your mouth gets used to the dentures, you will be advised by our dental team to be taking them out before you hit your bed at night.

This will help your gums to rest and keep your mouth healthy. You will also be advised by our dentist London to store the dentures in a small amount of water always so that they will not warp.

Why Don’t My Lower Dentures Fit Like The Upper Ones?

You may notice your upper dentures are always fitted while the lower one keeps getting out of place. This is because there is much suction to hold the upper one in place than the lower one and the lower one feels loose because of the balance it strives to keep between your tongue and cheeks.

After some time, you will be able to understand your dentures well enough to know how to keep them in their place always even when you are opening your mouth wide.

What About Denture Fixatives? Should I Use Them?

You should not need a denture fixative since your dentures are customised to fit your mouth. However, some people may have more confidence by wearing them with fixatives, especially if they are becoming loose.

If your dentures fit poorly, they may cause some sores in your mouth. This is particularly common with immediate dentures (i.e. if they have been worn for some time).

Do I Need Any Special Material To Care For My Mouth?

You always need to take care of your mouth, whether you are with or without dentures. You should brush your gums, the root of your mouth and your tongue every morning and evening with a soft brush so that blood will circulate properly throughout your mouth and plaques will not be built up.

If you are a wearer of partial denture, thorough brushing is even more important for you. This will help you prevent tooth decay and diseases of the gum, which may lead to the loss of more teeth. Because of the importance of this, you may be recommended by our dentist London to meet with a hygienist regularly for the proper cleaning of your natural teeth,

In What Ways Can I Care For My Dentures?

Dentures are not so strong and can break if you drop them. Always use a folded towel and a bowl of water to clean them after you’ve dropped them. To ensure you have a germ free denture, always brush and soak it daily.

To clean your dentures daily, use a soft brush and a non-abrasive cleaner to brush off any leftover pieces of food. Avoid brushing them too hard as this may cause the grooves on the surface to be removed. Ensure you clean both the surface of the denture and the part that fits over your gums. This is most important for those who are using denture fixative.

Always ensure you get your dentures soaked in the provided recommended solution for cleaning dentures. This will help you remove the plaques and stains that you could not remove with brushing. It will also help kill the germs that may have had their way to your dentures; they will become fresher after this. To ensure the proper care for your dentures, always follow the instruction of the manufacturer.

After the first few days of wearing the dentures, try not to keep them in all night when you do not have a reason to.

If you notice that stains are accumulating and plaques are building up, visit your dentist so to get it properly cleaned for you.

You can visit our dental clinic in London, to get adequate care for your denture. Book an appointment today.

How Long Are My Dentures Expected To Last?

Your dentures should serve you for several years if you take adequate care of it. However, they may need to be remade or relined because they may become ill-fitting from normal wear or the shape of your mouth may get changed for reasons like ageing. The ridges of your bones and gums may shrink and make the meeting of your jaws to become different.

It’s bad to keep an ill-fitting denture. They can cause some discomforts, sores and even infections. If you notice your dentures are not fitting properly, let your dentist know so that they can be replaced before any damage can be caused.

What About My Visit To My Dentist? How Frequent?

With dentures, you will have to visit your dentist frequently so that you will be examined and your teeth professionally cleaned. These are important for healthy teeth and gum. These regular visits will help the dentist monitor the soft parts of your mouth (like your tongue and cheeks). These check-ups will help your dentist detect any problem that may arise (e.g. mouth conditions, infections and even mouth cancer) at the very early stage.

If you wear full dentures, ask your dentist on the frequency of your visit. You can have a healthy smile and smooth running life like every other person when you stay positive and accept the professional care of a dentist.

Are There Other Alternatives To Dentures?

Yes, you can use dental implants and bridges in place of dentures. You can ask our dentist London for the options they have available.

You can also contact us to find out more about dentures and the alternatives that may be suitable for you. Call our customer care agent on 020 71830755 for any enquires you want to make. You can also visit our dental clinic in London to meet personally with our dental team. Book an appointment now.