• Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding Treatment in London

At Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, our dentists will repair your chipped or cracked teeth and even make changes to the shape of your teeth. Cosmetic bonding is the right choice when you need to improve your teeth’s appearance for a confident look. Our dental surgeons have experience in performing this procedure for patients, successfully. Contact us today to regain your smile by undergoing cosmetic bonding.

Before and after Invisalign lite with teeth whitening and bonding

Invisalign lite with teeth whitening Before
Invisalign lite with teeth whitening After
Invisalign lite with teeth whitening Before 1
Invisalign lite with teeth whitening After 1
Invisalign Bonding Before 3
Invisalign Bonding After 3
Invisalign Bonding Before 1
Invisalign Bonding After 1
Invisalign Bonding Before 2
Invisalign Bonding After 2
compositebonding before1
compositebonding after1

About cosmetic bonding

Composite bonding is a dental method that can help to improve the shape, color and appearance of the teeth. Composite resin will be molded and shaped onto your teeth for straighter teeth and a brighter smile.

Cosmetic bonding can be used to solve some of these dental problems:

  • Repair of cracked, damaged or chipped, teeth
  • Improving the appearance of discolored teeth
  • To make your teeth appear longer
  • To change your teeth shape
  • Closing gaps in between your teeth
  • As a cosmetic option to amalgam fillings
  • To secure and improve the appearance of your tooth root that is exposed when the gums begin to recede
compositebonding before3
compositebonding after3
bonding before 2
bonding after 2
bonding before
bonding after

Advantages of composite bonding

  • Gives a natural color
  • Predictable functional results
  • Minimal or almost no drilling required of your tooth and injection is not needed
  • Most cases can be dealt with in one appointment
  • Composite veneers are reversible in some cases.
  • Different treatment options will be available.
  • Failure is rare and can be fixed easily.
  • Laboratory costs are minimal.
Dental Bonding Before 1
Dental Bonding After 1
Bonding Before
Bonding After
Bonding Before 2
Bonding After 2

Cost of composite bonding

The cost for composite bonding in London is calculated according to the skills necessary, years of experience and the time required to complete the task as well as its complexity. Since composite bonding offers various options, the cost involved with a small filling or addition will start from £225. Full composite veneers would be between £225 to £390 per tooth. Browse through our fees page for further details.

Some FAQs on cosmetic bonding

This depends on different factors such as the color and position of your teeth and how you want your smile to appear. The teeth will have to be placed in proper position with sufficient enamel to bond properly with composite bonding.

The treatment time is influenced by how you take proper care of your teeth. It is suggested that you speak with a dentist who can give you a good idea of how long treatment will last.

Dental bonding does not involve major risks but it is possible for the material to either separate or chip from the tooth. Breaking or chipping is less likely to take place with a veneer or crown.

Yes, composite bonding is applied without removing the enamel of your teeth and the method is reversible.

Though the bonding material won’t respond to whitening like your teeth, there is indeed a good option. You can have bonding one or two weeks after getting your teeth whitened. This will ensure the composite bonding matches well.

Teeth bonding has not been made to be a permanent solution but it has good track record with many patients maintaining their bonding on average for 6 to 8 years or more with proper maintenance.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to keep your mouth clean. If your dentist gives any advice, then make sure you follow it.

You should not use substances that may cause staining on your teeth that include – coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes for the first 48 hours and you should be careful with biting or chewing hard foods on the tooth that has been bonded.

Get in touch with our team of dentists who provide necessary advice and treatment based on your condition. Feel free to call us on 020 71830755 to get all the information you require on cosmetic bonding method.