• Digital Smile Design


Gone are the days when you had to live with a missing, misaligned, and chipped teeth, or even cover your mouth with your hand when you smile to hide your teeth rather than having that confident smile. There are several ways available to improve your smile and your confidence, as well. The different restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures now available can fix a wide range of teeth deformities.

New procedures are evolving every day with more advanced technology to correct dental cases that were previously seen as impossible to treat. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is one of the new technologies available.

This innovative system allows you to choose your dream smile and see the outcome of your treatment even before you start the treatment. Another perk of DSD is that you get to choose how your new smile will be designed. You not only get that beautiful smile you have always desired but also a smile that harmonises with the physical features of your face.

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Process of a Digital Smile Design

There are several stages involved in order to carry out the digital smile design  process efficiently. Outlined below are some of them.

Enhanced Digital Photography

The first step of a DSD involves a dentist taking a picture of your smile. With the photograph, you can show your dentist what you do not like about your smile and what you desire to change about the smile. Your dentist may also give you professional advice on what will fit you more and which treatment plan will be better for you.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is essential because the way the lips move when we talk is different from the way it looks in a picture. Other people usually see us differently when we talk. A short video of you speaking helps you see how you smile and the expressions on your face when you talk. You also get to see the areas of your smile that needs to be changed.

Smile Design Analysis

In this stage, you will tell your dentist exactly what you want for your smile, and they will design it for you using modern dentistry techniques. You can choose any form of treatment like braces, porcelain veneers or teeth whitening and your dentist will create a blueprint for your treatment taking into consideration the function, health, and biology of your teeth.

Smile Preview

In London, your dentist will use advanced technology to make a digital image showing how your smile will be at the end of the treatment. With this, you can make any final change in colour, shape or size of your teeth.


At this point, we can commence your treatment. Whichever treatment plan you choose in agreement with the dentist will be done, but at least you have in mind what to expect at the end courtesy of DSD.


You are guaranteed of your smile, and you will get the result you desire. Your dentist will take pictures and make a video of your smile that will be compared to what was designed initially.

How long does a DSD take?

You will get a 100% personalised DSD plan at our London cosmetic dentistry clinic. What you want to change about your smile will determine the plan to be created for you. You may use one or more procedures like orthodontics, cosmetic bonding, veneers, and teeth whitening.

It is usually difficult to determine how long the DSD process will take because of the number of treatments involved, but one thing is sure at the end — your smile will look just as you've always wanted it to be.

You have all it takes to change your smile today. Contact our Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London on 020 71830755 for your DSD today.