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Keeping good oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental exams are essential to keep your teeth in good condition, and avoid the need for orthodontic treatments such as fillings.

But if you experience any pain or sensitivity in your teeth, it usually is a symptom of tooth decay and requires immediate treatment to prevent it from causing an abscess in your tooth.

One of the most effective ways of treating tooth decay is by having a filling. The treatment is painless and straightforward and will effectively restore the health and appearance of your natural tooth.

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What Are White Fillings?

Fillings can are made from an amalgam of various metals, but these are less preferred to white fillings because of their colours and similar appearance to the natural teeth.

White fillings are made from a composite resin; an addition of a tooth-coloured plastic mixture with glass, which gives the filling a natural appearance —it was developed in 1960 —the resin was suitable only for filling your visible front teeth, but the continuous improvement has made these composite resins much more advanced and viable, and strong enough to be used now in any part of your mouth.

How Do White Fillings Work?

  • During the treatment, a local anaesthetic will be applied to the affected area, causing it to become numb. The procedure will continue after the anaesthetic has taken full effect so that the process is painless.
  • Using an excellent drill, your dentist will remove the decay from your tooth, and a second drill will smoothening any rough edges in your tooth. Although the noise from the exercise might be loud in your ears, you won't feel any pain in your mouth.
  • Once the drilling is concluded, the white filling will be applied by your dentist. A special bond will be used to keep the resin firmly against your tooth enamel.

When Should You Get A White Filing?

Your dentist might prescribe a filling if you have tooth decay. If you are worried that the filling will be visible when you smile or speak, you can choose a white filling over metal amalgams, which are less similar to the natural colour of your tooth.

For the severely damaged tooth, instead of a filling, a dental inlay or onlay might be a more suitable treatment, as it correctly replaces any missing part of the tooth, and also cover up cavities that are too large for a filling, but too small to require a crown.

If an inlay or onlay is what you need, you can consult your dentist, and he/she can have it custom-made for you. The dentist can better explain all of this during your consultation.

How Long Do White Fillings Take?

The amount of filling needed could affect the length of treatment, but a typical appointment usually takes a half-hour. If the decay is discovered during a routine dental exam, your dentist can have the filling done during your consultation.

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