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Invisalign costs in the UK

At Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic one question we are asked more than any other is: 

“What is the cost of Invisalign?”

To give you an accurate idea of how much your treatment will cost we will always offer you a consultation.

Invisalign treatment costs – what will they be in the UK?

Avery popular treatment, Invisalign owes its popularity to its innovative approach taking crooked or misaligned teeth and efficiently straightening them. It does that with the use of aligners that are clear and removeable and are worn for two weeks at a time, before moving on to the next set. The end result will be straightened teeth and a confident smile.

Invisalign is also popular as a welcome alternative to having the traditional metal brace and the wires that come with it. Treatment with Invisalign has seen many millions of smiles, transformed world-wide.

Invisalign treatment will vary from person to person but on average it will cost around £1900 to £4650. You can find the details of our prices for Invisalign in our guide to costs.

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We do offer different forms of Invisalign, customised for you, but always, before any treatment,a full examination of your teeth will be carried out before you are given a quote.

We do have frequent special offers on Invisalign and also on the range of traditional braces we offer, so watch out for them!

In London it will be our specialist dentists and orthodontists who carry out your Invisalign treatment and the cost of the treatment will be explained to you after your examination.

Treatment can be paid off as a one off payment or staged payments right the way through to the end and when the retainers are issued.

Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic treatment includes the following elements:

  • A comprehensive dental check-up
  • All dental photos or dental X -rays you need and digital scanning too if required
  • All the necessary Invisalign aligners sets and attachments
  • Any work needed to create extra space, with the use of in terproximal reduction
  • All the appointments, you need, including any emergency visits
  • A full 12 months of aftercare,
  • Another post treatment full dental health check
  • All the removeable and fixed retain ersprescribed
  • A tooth whitening kit to use at home
  • Any shaping or contouring that is needed
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Invisalign london after

If you are considering having treatment with Invisalign always ascertainwhat specific experience the Invisalign provider has and make it a point to read their online feedback. Ask to see some photographs of cases that they have worked with in the past.

Here is a guide to typical costs for of Invisalign braces

Invisalign® i7 - £1900*

  • Records: X-rays, photos and 3D scan needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment (Clincheck)
  • 7 Aligners at the most during 14 weeks of treatment
  • Refinements: £400 charge each
  • 3 sets of Vivera Retainers which are removable for your lower and upper teeth

Invisalign® Lite - £2650*

  • Records: 3D scan, X-rays and photos needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment procedure (Clincheck)
  • 14 Aligners for 20-28 weeks of the treatment
  • One free refinement included, Any extra refinement £400 each
  • 3 sets of Removable Vivera Retainers for the upper and lower teeth

Invisalign® Full - £3650*

  • Records: Photos, X-rays and 3D scan needed
  • 3D Virtual treatment procedure (Clincheck)
  • Almost 25 Aligners
  • One free refinement included any extra refinement £400 each
  • 3 sets of removable Vivera Retainers for the lower and upper teeth

Invisalign®️ for Complex cases - £4250*

  • Fixing complicated dental and bite problems
  • Records of 3D scan, X-rays and photos
  • 3D Virtual treatment process.
  • Over 30 Aligners in for 11 to 18 months of treatment time.
  • Two Refinements included with additional aligners chargeable at £400 each
  • 3 sets of removable Vivera Retainers for your upper and lower teeth

*All prices subject to a £ 1000 introductory offer

 Finance for Invisalign

Most dental clinic that offer Invisalign treatment offer options to spread the cost of treatment according to what is going to work best for you.

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic we offer interest free finance options to patients starting with a payment of a deposit starting at £500. Payment terms will then extend over six to eighteen months in most cases and can be arranged over 60 months.Discuss what will work best for you, with us at the time of your appointment.

Call now for your personalised quote. Send us a photo, too for a no-contact, estimate of the likely cost of Invisalign treatment that we will email to you.