• Lumineer Veneers


The traditional veneers use an invasive process that requires the prepping of your healthy teeth because of their thickness to fix your dental issues. This procedure is irreversible, and it may be painful, or your teeth may become sensitive as well. Your dentist may need to administer anaesthetic in this process to minimise the pain and temporaries may be recommended to relieve you of sensitivity while waiting for your permanent veneers.

The Lumineer veneers, on the other hand, uses a non-invasive procedure to fix dental issues. Lumineers are not as thick as your traditional veneer and hence, may not need your teeth to be prepped. Anaesthetics and temporaries may not be required to feel more comfortable while waiting for your custom-made lumineers from the lab.

Many dentists provide veneers to patients, but not all dentists can have Lumineers properly fixed. Our dentist at Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic can get your lumineers properly fitted. Visit our clinic in London, to get your Lumineers fixed or call 020 71830755 for enquiry and consultation.

Who Can Have Lumineers?

What dental issues do you have? Chipped, discoloured or moderately crooked teeth? Lumineers is just the perfect solution for you. It can also be used to correct other minor dental issues like gap teeth as well. The dentist will need to examine your teeth before your treatment commence. Your teeth will be checked for gum diseases and other underlying dental infections that can prevent the success of your treatment.


The uses of Lumineers veneers in dentistry include the following:

Brighten Stained Or Discoloured Teeth

The common causes of stained and discoloured teeth include habits like smoking or consumption of some drinks such as coffee, wines or tea. Lumineers is an effective treatment option that can restore your smile to give you that bright and natural-looking teeth. Teeth whitening can be used to restore the colour of your teeth but may not last long.

Repeated process of teeth whitening can make your teeth more sensitive in the long run. Lumineers is a better option than teeth whitening; it gives a long-lasting solution no matter the factors that caused your stained or discoloured teeth.

Restore Chipped Teeth

Lumineers has helped to improve the smile of patients whose teeth are chipped. A chipped tooth can make you conscious when you smile. With lumineers, chipped teeth can be restored to their original shape and size.

Eliminate spacing and gaps

Not everyone is comfortable having gap teeth especially gaps between the two front teeth. Lumineers is an effective and fast solution to close the gaps between your teeth. The process does not take time, and two visits are enough for your dentist to use these ultra-thin “smile shapers” to eliminate the excess spaces between your teeth.

Align crooked teeth

Using braces to straighten misaligned teeth can take up to two years as the case might be. Using traditional braces can be painful and uncomfortable as well. Lumineers, on the other hand, is a fast and pain-free alternative to perfectly aligning your teeth giving you that beautiful smile. Braces are cheaper than Lumineers, but many adults may consider lumineers because they are more comfortable. You can have your treatment completed and your teeth perfectly aligned in just two visits to your dentist.

Reshape small or slightly broken teeth

Patients with broken teeth are often conscious of their smile. Lumineers is an ideal treatment option to restore your slightly broken teeth to their original sizes and shapes.

Renew old dental work

Your face may appear older when crowns and bridgework are done to correct your broken teeth are getting older. With lumineers, your face and smile can be restructured. The process is pain-free; it involves placing layers of lumineers on your old crowns and bridgework to give you a beautiful smile.

Perfect your brightest smile

The current condition of your smile notwithstanding, lumineers will give you a brighter smile. All you need is just two visits for the lumineer dentist to provide you with a brighter smile.


Lumineer veneers are a non-invasive procedure to correct your discoloured, chipped, gapped or moderately crooked teeth. The procedure is pain-free, and the teeth are not subjected to sensitivity.

You can visit Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic at London to get your lumineers fixed. For enquiry and appointment booking, please call 020 71830755.