• Dental Exam


Making regular visits to your dentist for checkups is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums in good condition, and preventing the onset of diseases and tooth decay.

A dental checkup allows your dentist or hygienist to clean any plaque or stain from your teeth, and inspect it for any cavities or signs of gum disease. Your dentist will check your mouth, face and neck for any sign of irregularities, and also evaluate how likely you are to develop other dental issues.   

Another benefit of a checkup is the opportunity to discuss your present diet and oral hygiene habits with your dentist, and get professional advice on the right way to brush and floss, and the right lifestyle and dietary factors to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Why Is Dental Checkup Important?

Frequent dental checkups not only ensure your teeth and gums are kept healthy, but it will help your dentist discover signs of gum diseases and tooth decay early, and get them treated before they cause more significant damage.

There are studies to prove that various systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and diabetes begin to show their first signs and symptoms in the mouth. Your dentist could discover the onset of these diseases during your checkup, and your dentist can suggest a doctor for you to have the condition treated early.

If you notice any discomfort or pain in your mouth, you must make an appointment and discuss it with your dentist. Book an appointment with Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London by calling us on 02071830755 today.   

When Should You Schedule Dental Checkups?

The frequency of your dental checkups usually is decided by your dentist, based on the results of your initial dental checkup. Once the interval for these checkups is agreed on, it essential you keep to it — even if you have dentures or implants in place of your natural teeth.

These frequent visits will enable your dentist to inspect the progress of any replacement teeth and improve your present oral health.

Preparing For Your Checkup

If you are seeking a new dentist or scheduling your first-ever adult exam, you can talk to friends, family members to have them give you a recommendation. Once you get the names of the dentist, you can check the locations of their clinic, and the treatments they offer. You should ensure you understand their treatment fees and the various payment options they offer.

Do not be scared to speak to your dentist or hygienist if you feel any part of the checkup is making you nervous or uncomfortable. If your dentist understands the reason for your discomfort, he/she can adjust your treatment, and make it more relaxing for you.

What should you expect during your checkup?

Your dentist will undertake the following processes during your checkup:

  • Evaluation of your general body health and the condition of your teeth and gums.
  • Evaluation of your present oral hygiene
  • Assessment of your mouth for the signs of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease. Your dentist will also evaluate your susceptibility to developing these diseases.
  • Assessment of your teeth to discover if any restoration or replacement is needed for any damaged tooth.
  • Assessment of your bite and jaw for any irregularities or dental problems
  • Removal of stains and plaque buildup from your teeth
  • Demonstration of the proper way to brush and clean your teeth and dentures.
  • Assessment of your need for fluoride

An X-ray might be carried out during your checkup, to give your dentist a more detailed picture of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will also ask questions concerning any past or present health problems and medications, and this will be discussed how they could affect your current oral health.

Some medications, especially those that cause dry mouth, are known to increase your chances of tooth decay. If you are unable to brush correctly, either because of arthritis or any other health or physical condition limiting the action of your arms, your dentist might suggest an electric toothbrush to make brushing easier. Prosthetic replacements like dentures and bridges, if you have any, will be assessed to discover if they need any adjustments or specific aftercare.

Dental X-ray

A dental X-ray provides your dentist with a detailed image of your mouth, and all the areas not visible to the eyes. By studying these scans, your dentist can quickly diagnose problems that are hardly noticeable to the eyes and provide you with a more comprehensive treatment

An X-ray is not compulsory for a dental checkup, but your dentist could recommend it after an initial assessment of your oral health.   

Oral Cancer Exam

Another essential function of an oral exam is that it allows your dentist the opportunity to inspect your mouth for any sign of oral cancer.  The common areas of your mouth and body that will be checked to rule out the risk of this disease include:

  • The areas under your jaws
  • The sides of your neck
  • Insides of your lips and cheeks
  • Sides of your tongue, and
  • The roof and floor of your mouth

Dental Impression

To make a custom mouthguard, or to evaluate the size and regularity of your bite, a replica of your teeth and gums will be produced by your dentist from a dental impression of one or both of your jaws. This impression usually is made by filling a soft, gelatinous material into horseshoe-shaped trays, and setting these trays over your upper or lower teeth. These trays are taken out from your mouth after a few minutes, and the impressions on them are used in producing the replicas.


Once your checkup is completed, the results will be discussed by your dentist, along with other essential topics such as your oral health, and risks of tooth decay, and other gum and oral diseases. Advice will also be given to you to enable you to prevent any future oral problems and keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

Regular checkups will be suggested by your dentist, especially if you are still at risk of developing tooth decay or other oral health problems.

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