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Invisalign aligners are probably the most significant invention to hit the orthodontics world and have served as a game-changer to most patients. As Invisalign continues to gather approval from everyone, a brand new set of retainers was released, and they are aesthetically appealing.

Vivera retainer is an entirely new invention that acts as a follow-up to Invisalign treatment. Unlike what most people think, it is not an aligner; preferably, it is used as a retainer after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

Why Vivera Retainers Are Necessary

Despite the action of braces, every orthodontic treatment is marred by doubt. No matter how successful treatment may be, there is a probability that the teeth may drift back to their previous position. A retainer is not a straightener;instead, it's given to patients to ensure the teeth stay in their new location and are not allowed to move back.

Even though the drift is a slow process, it ruins the appearance of your teeth once it happens, taking you back to square one. In some cases, the shift may get worse, thereby making your teeth less mobile. Vivera retainers are given to most orthodontic patients to ensure the teeth are permanently stuck in their new position.

They are made from the same material as Invisalign, which means they are invisible, but this does not change the fact that it may take some time to adjust to it. If you need to find out more about Vivera retainers, give us a call on 02071830755 or visit Cosmetic dentistry Clinic in London.

When Should Retainers Be Worn?

It depends on your treatment, taking into account the severity of your case. Most dentists take into account the age and orthodontic history before giving out retainers. In some cases, it is recommended to get a retainer after 3 - 6 months of treatment.

During this period, you will have your retainers on between 12 - 22 hours a day and will only be used at nights for the first 6-12 months. You should know that retainers cannot be used when Invisalign treatment is still ongoing as this will likely lead to complications. Hence, do not get retainers without seeking the advice of your dentist.

Even though retainers do not come cheap, the result of your treatment must not be short-lived. Having your teeth shift back to their natural position after a few weeks of treatment will be a wasted investment on your path— backing it up with a retainer ensures you get a one-off treatment.

Benefits Of Having Retainers

  • There are different kinds of retainers, but Vivera retainers are way ahead — it is stronger and keeps the teeth stuck to their position.
  • Some retainers lose shape due toit’s stronghold to the teeth. Vivera retainers are more reliable— they do not deform either do long term contact with the teeth lessen its grip
  • Vivera retainers are designed in a similar way to Invisalign. They are less noticeable when Installed in the teeth and comes with minimal pain but maximum comfort.
  • Sometimes, you may need to wear retainers at all times and even at night — while this may be uncomfortable for you, Vivera retainer comes in 4 varieties to give you more flexibility when using them.

Why You Should Choose Vivera Retainers

These retainers are not the cheapest, but they are more effective than all other options. They are more appealing aesthetically, and it is also made from plastic which does not degrade quickly. They are more comfortable and can be removed at your convenience — with this retainer, you can carry out your day-to-day oral routine, and they can be taken off during meals.

In some cases, you will only have to install the retainers at night while in other instances, it has been worn during the day. Although, there are cases when you need to fit in throughout your lifetime.

Finally, the factor that makes Invisalign everyone's favourite also applies to Vivera. It is no surprise given the fact that the same brand manufactures them. After an orthodontist treatment, always ask your dentist about a retainer to know if they are available for you. Some dentist may forget to recommend this, but it's good for the patient to always point this out during an appointment. If you want to know which if Vivera retainers are suitable for you, then contact Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London. You can also give us a call on 02071830755 to book an appointment.