• Oral Cancer


If oral cancer is not diagnosed and treated early, it can be life-threatening! We at the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, are here to tell you all you should know about oral or mouth cancer.

What's oral cancer?

Oral cancer which is also known as mouth cancer affects and develops in any part of the mouth. It can affect the throat, cheeks, lips, and tongue. Oral cancer is just like lung and breast cancer; it is cancer of the mouth! People who use tobacco, drink so much alcohol, and those with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection are at risk of oral cancer.

At the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we provide vital information on this oral health issue. You can also get treatment if you have this disease. You really should come.

Who's at risk of developing oral cancer?

The truth is, anyone can get oral cancer! This disease commonly affects people who are well over 40 years, especially men. Be that as it may, research carries evidence that oral cancer is fast spreading among young people and women. Over 640,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year globally. Oral cancer comes in the eleventh position among common cancer.

Some countries of the world have a higher rate of this disease due to problems like the use of tobacco. For example, India has an even higher percentage of oral cancer.

In the UK, there is an average of about 7,800 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed each year. This number is on the rise, and in the UK, it has increased by more than half in the last ten years.

Is oral cancer deadly?

Of course, it is! Over 2,300 people die in the UK as a result of oral cancer every year. If the cancer was quickly diagnosed, many of those deaths could have been averted. Presently, oral cancer patients are more susceptible to sudden death than people with melanoma skin cancer or cervical cancer. We diagnose oral cancer at the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, London. A wise decision is to diagnose yourself now. The earlier you're checked out, the better! Do well to stop by our clinic today.

Causes of oral cancer

A large number of oral cancer cases are traced to alcohol and tobacco use. In many parts of the world, cigarettes, pipe smoking, and cigars are the major forms of tobacco in use. But the most dangerous of all is the habit of chewing tobacco, paan, gutkha, and betel quid, which is allowed by some cultures.

People who consume alcohol stand a risk of having oral cancer, but those who use alcohol and tobacco together stand at a higher risk.

Too much exposure to the rays of the sun may also heighten the risk of lip cancer.

In recent reports, oral cancer has been linked to human papillomavirus (HPV). The primary cause of cervical cancer is HPV. It affects the part of the skin lining the mucosal surfaces of the body and can be contracted through oral sex. From research, HPV is feared to soon surpass smoking and drinking as one of the prime causes of oral cancer.

Chances of contracting HPV can be reduced through safe sex practice and reducing the number of sexual partners. A lot of persons contract HPV during their lives, and it may pose a problem.

HPV vaccines are now available for boys and girls. They were formulated to take out cervical cancer, but they may probably aid in reducing oral cancer. These HPV vaccines are administered at the age of 12 to 13 years before the commencement of sexual encounters. At the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we do have a good team of dentists that can properly diagnose the cause of oral cancer and plan your treatment. Get diagnosed today at our clinic in London

Signs of oral cancer

Oral cancer can be seen in different forms in all parts of the lips, mouth, and tongue. You can see oral cancer as a pain-free mouth ulcer that doesn't heal normally. Having a red or white patch is risky as it can progress into cancer. Take care to notice any abnormal lumps in your jaw area or mouth and any hoarseness that perseveres.

Visiting your dentist or family doctor becomes crucial for those infected areas that do not heal in 3 weeks. Do go for a dental checkup to be sure. You can get checked out at the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, London. We offer good diagnostic tests for oral cancer, and our method of treatment is efficient. Why not book an appointment with us now.

Early detection of oral cancer

The early stages of oral cancer can be diagnosed on time during a thorough examination of your mouth by your dentist. Early diagnosis of oral cancer promises the chance of a good cure. It is rather unfortunate that a lot of persons infected with oral cancer consult their dentist when it's already late. Your health is very important. Don't joke with it! We have qualified dentists and excellent medical facilities that can help detect oral cancer. Schedule an appointment with us soon.

What measures can I adopt at home?

Observe your mouth closely. Do a regular examination of yourself. Seek help from your dentist if you notice:

  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Lumps in your jaw area or neck
  • Ulcers that persist for more than 3 weeks
  • Abnormal reddish or whitish patches

This examination is important because early diagnosis of oral cancer could keep you alive. See our dentist in London for more tips on home measures you can practice to keep oral cancer in check.

What to expect during a thorough oral checkup

Inside your mouth and tongue will be checked using a small mirror. Your neck and under your jaw will also be examined. This examination will be carried out as part of a regular dental checkup. Bear in mind that your dentist can see parts of your mouth you cannot easily see. Visit a dental Clinic, London today for a complete oral check

What will happen if something is detected?

Should your dentist find anything out of the normal, you'll be referred to a consultant at the hospital who will do a complete mouth and throat examination on you. A biopsy (a small cell sample) taken from the area will be examined with a microscope to know the problem.

So, what's the next thing after that?

If the results show that the cells are cancerous, further tests will be conducted. They may include blood tests, general health tests, scans or X-ray. From these tests, your treatment can be planned.

Is there a cure for oral cancer?

If diagnosed early, there is a good chance of a cure — besides, the smaller the area or ulcer, the better the chance of treatment. But so many persons are late in diagnosing oral cancer because of the lack of routine oral checkup.

How to keep your mouth healthy

Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake.

Take a balanced diet including fruits and veggies. These healthy foods can be a protection against several other cancers.

Carry out routine dental checkups or as recommended by your dentist.

Should you need more help

We at the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, London do offer friendly advice on dental health issues to our patients. So many of our patients have been treated in confidentiality; you too can benefit from our standard services.

Talk to us about your oral concerns. Our dentists are understanding and wouldn't look down on you for any reason. After all, we are here to restore your dental health to normalcy.

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