• Damon Braces


Invisalign are the most popular orthodontics device,but the emergence of Damon braces has given patients more options. Damon braces may not be the regular go-to fixture because they are relatively new on the market. Still, Damon braces are one of the most modern orthodontic devices that use metal or ceramic brackets like conventional braces except that the fact that they are lighter and invisible.

Damon brace system uses high technology to align the position of the teeth quickly but gently,thereby allowing you to have a perfect facial profile in the shortest time. The slide mechanisms utilised eliminates the need for a band,which means fewer dentist appointments, less pain caused by band tightening and maximum comfort despite the teeth moving out of their position.

One of the significant advantages of usingDamon braces is that it blends with the shade of your teeth, making it less evident unless when smiling at close distance.

Conversely, their compact design gives more freedom and easy cleaning around the brackets— this does not in any way affect your oral hygiene. Drilling is not utilised when installing Damon braces unless on rare occasions,and it poses no risk of tooth loss in the nearest future and the high-end technology employed means you will have a perfect facial appearance within a short time.

Treatment With Dental Braces

Before undergoing treatment with Damon braces, your dentist will take an X-ray of your teeth and send it to the laboratory— Damon braces are designed based on the impression of your teeth which ensures they do not just blend with the shade of your teeth but produces a perfect result at the end of the treatment.

Once the braces are designed, each bracket is aligned to your teeth using a strict moisture control as friction is maintained. Once the braces are installed, regular checkups will be needed to ensure the device does not move out of position.

Will Any Of My Teeth Be Removed During Damon Braces Treatment?

When it comes to fixing dental appliances, there are lingering concerns that extraction must be involved as in the case of Veneers,but that's false. Your teeth will only be removed if it is necessary. The technology utilised ensures only natural forces that coincide with the body movementare used.  It helps you achieve a better and more concise result,not to mention getting a natural face profile after the treatment is completed.

In almost 99% of the times when Damon braces are used, the teeth are rarely extracted. However, there are a few cases where extraction might occur if the teeth are crowded or if there are extra teeth— it is done to create more space for the brackets to fit correctly.

How Much Does Dental Braces Cost?

Invisalign is by far the most expensive orthodontics device,which is one of theprimary reasons why most patients prefer to go for traditional braces. However, the emergence of Damon braces gives alittle cause for celebration because their prices are almost the same or even higher than that of Invisalign.

The cost of having Damon braces largely depends on the patient as well as the length of time required for the treatment. However, most dentists may charge an average of £3,600.

How Does Damon Braces Compare To Invisalign

Damon braces are an excellent option for those who would like to keep their treatment private. However, their most significant advantage comes in their smooth movement in straightening the teeth.It is also great for those who wish to have quick results with minimal pain or discomfort.

Damon braces are an excellent option for people who would like to treat severe misalignment cases— it has the edge overInvisalign in terms of its effectiveness.  From dental reports, Damon braces are more suitable for treating crooked and crowded teeth. However, the primary issue is that there are not so many qualified dentists to carry out this procedure.Contact Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London if you need an experienced dentist to fit your Damon braces. Give us a call on 02071830755 today.

Thoughts on Damon Braces

Braces and aligners are,no doubt,a brilliant addition to the dental world. However, like every new device, it takes time getting used to them, and it may initially feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, you will experience hyper-salivation or small crisps that will eventually disappear after a few days.

However, the most significant risk with having orthodontic devices installed is tooth decay, gum disease,as well as the possible case of extraction. Damon braces may be ahead of traditional braces in terms of appearance but having them installed may prevent you from running your brush over every angle of your teeth like you ought to normally. After having your demon braces fitted, you must book hygiene appointment with your dentist in a bid to adjust to these changes.

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