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If you want a fast-acting way to straighten your teeth without having to go through the conventional train-track braces, then six months smile is suitable for you. Although the system is quite popular a lot of patients are still perplexed regarding the pros and cons of this system— you may have noticed people go with the famous saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it certainly is”, however, the big question is,  is this also applicable, even when it comes to six months smile? To clear the doubts and perplexities — we will be giving a detailed review of the six months braces system, continue reading to find out more.

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What Is Six Months Smile?

Six months smile is a transparent brace system that is designed to straighten the front teeth in six months. The essence of this is to achieve speedy results since it is focused on tackling the cosmetic view and appearance of the front teeth — it makes use of discreet clear braces with tooth-coloured wires to straighten the teeth.

For patients that prefer removable trays to braces, six-month smile company also offers a clear aligner tray. But note that this can only be possible for patients with less severe dental cases.

These braces can be fixed by a dentist, and not necessarily an orthodontist — it allows patients to have their teeth straightened in an average of six months. Hence, treatment length can either stay slightly lower or above six months respectively, since its primary focus is on moving the most prominent teeth.

Six Months Smile vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Below are a few reasons why six months smile are commonly preferred over the conventional metal braces for dental misalignments.

But before we proceed, it is also essential to note that Six months smile is not for everyone — patients with less severe dental conditions can enjoy the many benefits that come with it. Some advantage of six months smile includes:

  • Shorter Treatment Period: Just like the name implies, straightening your teeth takes an average of six months to complete. But since every patient is unique, treatment length may vary.
  • Discreet Appearance: Although they are not entirely invisible, they are less noticeable than the conventional metal braces; the brackets are made from transparent While the archwire is made to blend with the natural shade of your smile, with this, you can quickly straighten your front teeth without being noticed.
  • Lower Treatment Cost: while the cost of fitting these braces may vary, the overall prices of the brace are usually lesser than others.  Since other parts of the teeth are barely touched — a smaller quantity of materials and lesser time is spent in getting your teeth straightened. Therefore, lowering the overall cost of the treatment.
  • Noticeable results: Six months smile focuses on straightening the front teeth alone; it ensures quick and effective results for patients interested in straightening their front teeth in a short while.
  • Comfortable: Most patients might appear a bit bothered regarding the pain and the level of discomfort they may experience during and after the treatment since the treatment with six months smile is accelerated. Ironically, this may not be the case, as the system makes use of innovative self-litigating wires that actively helps to reduce the level of discomfort usually experienced when fitting the braces. More so, the braces are generally sleek and made from lightweight materials.

Generally, when compared to traditional braces, Six months smile is faster in producing the desired result, barely noticeable, more hygienic and even cost-effective.

Who Is Suitable For Six Months Smile (6MS)?

Candidates with extrusions, rotations and intrusions can quickly get their teeth straightened using this method. However, some dental issues can be corrected with Six months smile, which includes:

  • Minor or mild Overbite
  • Crowding
  • Overlapping
  • Canted midlines
  • Asymmetry and reverse smile lines

You visit your doctor for an initial consultation, to ascertain whether you are the perfect candidate for Six months smile treatment before proceeding with it. You can contact Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London or place to a call to us on 02071830755  to book an appointment for a consultation with our experienced dental team. We carry out detailed studies before each treatment; to help us ascertain if you are suitable for Six months smile—if you are not, we can proffer an alternative solution to ensure that your dental needs are provided.  

Six Months Smile: How Does It Work

For patients with minor crooked or spaced teeth, and above 15 years, six months smile may be an excellent option for you. However, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist for a proper check-up, as this will help to ascertain whether you are suitable for six months smile procedure. Once it is confirmed that you are appropriate, you can proceed to fix an appointment with your dentist to get your braces.

During the first month of your treatment, you will start noticing a slight movement in the teeth— it will continue from the first month, through the fifth month. During this period, adjustments are made to your braces by your dentist so that your teeth are appropriately straightened. You will start noticing the massive difference in your teeth.

In the sixth month, the braces are allowed to finish up with the proper alignment of the front teeth, so that your dentist or orthodontist can easily remove the braces for good. Hopefully, you will have something to smile about after this stage. Also, you are expected to wear a set of retainers after the treatment to ensure that the teeth do not move back to their initial position.

Pros And Cons Of Six Months Smile Treatment

 Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Six-month smile you should know about, it includes;

  • Faster treatment length when compared to other treatment options for dental misalignments and crooked teeth
  • It utilises a set of explicit or tooth-coloured brackets, which makes the brackets less noticeable.
  • Fewer appointments: because the treatments are designed to finish within six months, there are fewer appointments when compared to other treatment options for dental misalignments.
  • Affordable treatment cost. The price for a six-month smile may range from $3000 - $4500, depending on several


While six months smiles are quite useful in addressing several cosmetic concerns, the system is not for everyone. For example, patients with severe malocclusion can only get their teeth straightened with the help of traditional metal braces, and maybe others.

The primary focus is on the front teeth. Hence, all other long-term health issues that are associated with a poor bite are entirely left untreated.

They barely treat bite problems, and the deliberate movement of the front teeth can also result in further dental issues and complications, including jaw pain and tooth loss. The treatment route is not considered adequate as other braces like traditional metal braces and Invisalign.

Cost Of Six Month Smile Treatment

Although six months smile are less expensive when compared to traditional metal braces, they are not as cost-effective as you think, after all. The reason they appear more affordable is that you only get to fix the front teeth, while the other part of the teeth is left untreated. But for most little smile braces, treatment may cost anywhere from $3000 to $4500.

Six Months Smile Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, but read the reviews from some of our patients who have used six months smile in the past.

“I never really knew my tooth was that bad, but now I know better, I guess it was worth the expenses” - Jasmine

“ My smile was a lot better but not so perfect” - Jenny

“ I am so pleased with how well my teeth are responding to treatment with minimal discomfort” - Lottie


Ideally, six months smiles can help improve the smile of patients that have undergone braces treatment before, but for some reasons, they suffered from some dental misalignments. One notable causes of dental misalignment after procedures is the lack of discipline in wearing retainers after treatment. Nevertheless, People with minor dental misalignments can also straighten their teeth using this treatment option. Contact Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London, if you need a consultation with an experienced dentist, to know whether you are suitable for the procedure. Give us a call today on 02071830755 to book an appointment.