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Choosing between Dental Implants and Dentures is Easier

16 Mar 2020

Gaps between the teeth or a missing tooth prevent many people from smiling heartily. They become conscious while standing in front of a camera or simply shy away from entering into a spontaneous conversation. Using removable dentures or bridges also leads to frustration because of their gross stability issue. Thus, an increasing number of these people are relying on dental implants to solve missing tooth problem, says a qualified dentist associated with Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in London.

These implants are a permanent replacement for your lost teeth. Unlike bridges and dentures, they prevent further wearing out of your gum tissues. Most importantly, teeth implants treatment solves your smiling issues too, and is much better than its conventional alternatives.

Thus, it is obvious that dental implants treatment in London is steadily rising in popularity. Replacing missing tooth or teeth boosts an individual’s self-confidence to a great extent. In addition to that, a tooth implant enables you to chew foods properly, which in turn helps with proper digestion. It also allows you to speak distinctly, especially if any of the front teeth is missing. Implants restore your facial appearance by preventing the jawbones from shrinking. Unlike dentures and bridges, implants also enhance your overall oral health.

Difference between dental implants and dentures

Both implants and dentures are tooth replacement techniques. Implants are made from biocompatible metals like titanium or zirconium. The invasive procedure involves surgically placing the implant post into the jawbone. It acts as the root of the lost tooth. The top of the implant is capped with a crown (although a bridge is also used at times) to give the overall setup a natural tooth-alike look.

A denture – on the other hand – is designed to look like both the gums and the teeth. Teeth implants fill up the gap of your missing tooth or teeth whereas dentures only cover up the gap. Unlike implants, dentures are easily removable. If all the teeth are missing, then one can go for a complete set of dentures whereas partial dentures are used in cases where some natural teeth still remain intact.

Dental implants are better alternative to dentures

Teeth implants are obviously a much superior alternative to dentures. Here are some points to consider while choosing between the two.

Life-long solution

An implant is surgically drilled into the jawbone. In course of time, the biocompatible metal fuses with the surrounding tissues and bones in your mouth. Alternatively saying, a dental implant easily lasts a lifetime. Thus, it is often termed as a permanent teeth loss solution. Dentures are easily removable and they are prone to get broken or warped under hot water. They may also require adjustments, repairing or even replacement in course of time.

Functionality and appearance

Implants not only look like your natural teeth but also feel and work the same. Dentures slip away from their position very frequently and are also known to affect the speech. In short, the bridges and dentures do not provide the same level of convenience and functionality when compared to implants.

Sound oral hygiene

You are expected to brush and floss the implanted tooth or teeth the very same way as your natural teeth. It is easier to maintain a great oral hygiene with dental implants. Bridges and dentures – on the other hand – require to be removed for special cleaning. It is difficult to maintain great oral hygiene on daily basis with dentures and bridges.

Gum erosion and bone loss issues

In course of time, dentures make your gums turn flabby and erode away. Practically, they offer no shield against loss of your jawbone. As a result, your facial appearance gets distorted, making you appear much older that your actual age. Contrastingly, implants are surgically fused with the jawbone. This not only prevents wearing out of the jawbone but also the distorting of your facial structure. Implants are your best bet to protect the natural shape of your jaws as well as the aesthetic appeal of your smile for a lifetime.

Comfort level

Implants just feel like the natural tooth or teeth that you have lost. Few days after the implant placement, you won’t even notice the artificial tooth or teeth in your mouth. Dentures often cause irritation and sore in the gums because of constant friction. Dental implants are obviously a more reliable option to regain self-reliance that invariably gets dented because of lost tooth or teeth.

Ideal candidates for dental implant treatment

You must have sufficient jawbone to support the implant post. In case you lack enough jawbone, your dentist may suggest you to undergo bone grafting to grow the necessary bone mass. You should visit a qualified and experienced dentist for the initial consultation to ascertain your chances for the treatment.

Experienced dentists at a reliable dental implant clinic in London assure with minimal care and maintenance that an implant solution can easily last a lifetime. For more information, feel free to contact us at the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic today.