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Gum Reshaping or Gum Lift

At our cosmetic dentistry clinic we provide the best and perfect smile to you. Many people have a gummy smile or uneven gum levels. With our advanced technique, your gum can be reshaped, which will improve the overall appearance of the teeth and eventually the smile.


What is Gum Reshaping or Gum Lift?

If your gum line is very uneven or if you show too much gum when you smile? - gum reshaping (or contouring) could be for you. With gum reshaping or gum lift, your smile will look more balanced and symetrical. The gum lift procedure can be carried out quickly and painlessly with an advanced special laser. Gum reshaping produces excellent cosmetic results on its own or very often used with other cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers or our very popular smile makeover.


The advantages of Gum Reshaping or Gum Lift

With a gum lift or gum reshaping the balance, symmetry and tooth proportions of the teeth will improve. Your gum health can also benefit from this procedure. Short teeth can be made longer and the amount of gum showing on smiling can be reduced or eliminated. The results are immediate and healing just takes a few days with no side effects.


Are you suitable for a Gum Lift?

At our cosmetic dentistry clinic highly experienced cosmetic dentists will assess and plan on what is best for you. Most people can undergo this simple procedure with no side effects.

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